Our Programs

Welcome to Diabetes Consciousness for Community, where we empower individuals and communities with the knowledge and resources to manage and prevent Diabetes. Our organization is dedicated to raising awareness about Diabetes and providing support to those affected by this condition. Here's a glimpse of some of our key projects:

1. Diabetes Ambassador Project

This initiative aims to train individuals living with Diabetes to become ambassadors within their communities. Ambassadors share their personal experiences, provide support, and promote Diabetes education and prevention efforts.

2. Community Diabetes Project:

Through this project, we collaborate with local community organizations and healthcare providers to offer Diabetes screenings, education sessions, and resources to underserved populations.

3. Diabetes and Media Awareness Program:

We work to increase awareness and understanding of Diabetes through media campaigns, social media outreach, and partnerships with journalists and influencers.

4. Diabetes and School Awareness Program:

Our program educates students, teachers, and school staff about Diabetes management, prevention strategies, and how to support students with Diabetes in school settings.

5. Women and Diabetes Health Event:

We host events specifically focused on addressing the unique challenges women face in managing diabetes, including hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy-related concerns, and cultural factors.

6. Project Insulin:

This vital initiative provides insulin to children who are unable to afford this life-saving medication. We believe that access to insulin is a fundamental right, and we are committed to ensuring that no child goes without this essential treatment.