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Are you Diabetic?

Well then, as they say, Diabetes control is in your hands, we are your hands, here with us, you will have control of your diabetes conduction because we are giving you all you need to know about Diabetes management and Diabetes education, and remember, Diabetes is not the end of the world because you are not alone.

You have us, you have DiCoCo.

DiCoCo has introduced Diabetes programs in Primary School Diabetes awareness programs, Indoor Diabetes awareness programs, Media Diabetes awareness programs, Youth and Diabetes programs and diabetes seminars.

Lucy JohnBosco (Managing Director)
  • To raise community awareness on the fight of Diabetes disease.
  • Promote safe health lifestyle environment for everyone with Diabetes.
  • Facilitate the provision of better health and basic care for the people affected with Diabetes.
  • Empower people living with Diabetes with right diabetes information on how to live with Diabetes.
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